Smart Resource Allocation Advisor in the Cloud for COVID-19 and Other Pandemics

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Deployment of scarce resources is a critical issue for especially large-scale outbreaks of infectious diseases. During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare providers are facing the challenges of significant shortages of limited resources such as testing, personal protective equipment (PPE), hospital beds, ICUs, medications and ventilators because of the dramatic increase in the number of patients. Therefore, in this study, we develop “a general smart resource allocation advisor in the cloud” that determines the smart allocation of the scarce resources with respect to the pandemic severity level, from low to very severe, to mitigate and control the spread of the disease. Portfolio model of cost-benefit analysis is used to identify the low cost-high benefit allocations of the resources to focus on more and high cost-low benefit allocations to avoid as well. Therefore, this model provides healthcare providers useful insights about their resource allocations to be more responsive to their patients and control the transmission of the virus.

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IEEE Cloud Summit 2020

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