Program Lead: Saeed Esmaili-Sardari, Ph.D.

Choosing to major in computer and information sciences helps the student gain core knowledge of information sciences in order to integrate business and real-world perspectives, interpersonal and team skills, and the competencies that lead to a career in computer and information sciences. The ability to devise a solution and execute it is at the core of this program. The design of these solutions is what we call “creating a computation,” which involves the integration of few key design notions of data representation, algorithms, programming, knowledge in systems, data security, and software engineering within one unified framework. The ultimate goal is to enable the student to understand a problem and build a general-purpose computer system from the ground up through a program of study that provides a sound computer information system engineering design experience.

Concentrations include: Computational Biology, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Machine Learning, and Software Engineering and System Analysis.


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