Presentations from the 3rd Annual HU Research Symposium, which was held virtually on Wednesday, April 21st, 2021, showcasing student and faculty research done at HU across all programs.


Submissions from 2021


3rd Annual HU Research Symposium Program 2021, Akeisha Belgrave, Rebekah Harriger, and Erica Ward

Construction and Application of a Low-Cost, Low-Sensitivity Refractive Index Detector, Dale Belles

Container Security, Felix Dominguez

Aerial LIDAR to Prevent Wildfires, Keegan Flahive

The Impact of a Novel Outpatient Telepharmacy Service on Hospital Admissions, Erik Hefti

Collection and Analysis of a Training Data Set Designed for Neural Network Handwriting Analysis, Devon Hilt

Setting up and configuring SLURM, Sayed Sayed