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In 2017 Ryan Korn and I submitted a grant proposal in the annual Harrisburg University President’s Grant process. Our proposal was to partner with a local high school to install a classroom of 20 Raspberry Pi’s, along with the requisite peripherals. In that classroom students would be challenged to design something that combined programming with physical computing. In our presentation to the school we suggested that this project would give students the opportunity to be “amazing.”

As part of the grant, the top three students would be given scholarships to HU and the top five finalists would all be permitted to keep the Pi they used for their project. All students involved in the project would be invited to meet with the admissions team during the showcase.

It took until May of 2020 to complete the work on this grant. There have been some very satisfying moments, and more than a few interesting challenges. The purpose of this article is to trace some of the steps for those who might be interested in retracing the activities of our grant and putting Raspberry Pi’s in classrooms in their own schools.

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