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Master of Science (MS)

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Project Management


Agile Scrum has created great impact on project management. It has shown promising results and return of investment. This research paper fully gives reports on what type of projects actually fit with Scrum. Many teams tend to fail to during the migration and I will be putting forward points which will explain how and what things will happen in the teams during the migration from traditional methodology to agile Scrum. I will be discussing about the problem statements, success and failure factors our team come across during implementing scrum and come up with solution to figure out the ways for a successful migration. I will come with best practices by performing a research with scrum and project management experts to understand the inside scrum framework.

The purpose of this paper is to explore the challenges that we face when adopting agile scrum while using traditional methodology. This document also provides management guidelines to help understand and overcome barriers in adopting Scrum method. A quality research is conducted in an organization which has adopted scrum. The organization works on cloud and other virtual servers. Data is collected by conducting various interviews of project managers, business owners and other scrums. Also in-depth study of various case studies starting with evolution of Scrum and its increase in the market, about using Scrum, advantage and disadvantages of scrum have been included.



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