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Project Management


The interest of companies towards using agile approaches in GSD projects is growing at a rapid pace. On that note, it is extremely vital to consider the challenging factors involved in agile practices such as scrum in GSD projects. However, the remarkable and effective attempts towards precisely identify, synthesize and report the literature on agile practices for GSD projects have always been inadequate (Hossain, AliBabar & Young Paik, 2009).

With the purpose of encouraging research committee to explore and analyze the projects that implements scrum process in globally distributed environment, the thesis paper places great emphasis on challenges involved with the implementation of agile methodologies with scrum framework in Global Software Development. In order to thoroughly understand these challenges, the thesis paper also addresses the core characteristics of a scrum team, benefits of scrum framework and the nature of Global Software Development projects.

Moreover, through the qualitative data collection approach the mythology section of this thesis will in designing the further sections of this thesis. In accordance with the selected data collection approach, the result section focuses on the communication challenges as well as gathers the bunch of information through the interviews of two professionals working in the scrum projects with GSD settings. Going forward, the discussion section talks about the lessons learned and solutions to alleviate the challenges associated with distributed scrum projects.

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