Completion Date

Fall 2-2018

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Program or Discipline Name

Project Management

First Advisor

Thomas Sheives


In agile framework, the system is developed in sprints. Some value-based products for the customers are created with completion of work in a sprint. There are firm dates of commencement and end in sprints, and duration of each sprint is normally equal. During a sprint, any change in scope or resources cannot be made. But sometimes it becomes difficult to follow this rule on account of the business needs. This time-boxing approach is seen responsible to cause more hindrance than propel organizations towards time-efficient development of products. This type of project demands a much more flexible time-line as compared to standard agile project management practices of ‘Sprint’ used for creating cost-effective products within time. Similar problems are faced by the organizations transitioning from traditional method to agile practices. From different sources of research it is found the transition could not be smooth in all cases and sometimes was unable to achieve the expected business growth due to various factors. A number of options and approaches are discussed for helping an organization transitioning from traditional to agile methodology but any unique and full-proof approach cannot be arrived at. Ultimately it becomes a question: can we overcome difficulty in time-boxing approach with discrepancies in testing efforts and get a systematic and tabulated solution of the problem in transitioning to agile? Through this research having limitations the answer in all respect cannot be reached. The question is left with ample scope for further research by future researchers as well.



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