Date of Award

Summer 8-1-2018

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Project Management

First Advisor

Dr. Stephen Onu


The current speed of economic growth has greatly affected the means of pharmaceutical organizational operations in the establishment of clinical trials. Pharmaceutical organizations are looking for ways to increase customer experience and reduce costs of production in the process. The customer experiences can be increased by creating a forum for active participation during the processes of the establishment. Equally, the costs of production and conducting research study can be ensured through the reduction of reworking chances. Through the creation of this experience, the effectiveness of the clinical trials needs to be properly created. Traditionally, organizations used waterfall methodology in the development of the clinical trials. The linear processes did not allow for proper correction of the processes and how the customers could understand the progress unless the developments were at certain milestones. The system of operation is still in use today because of the strong traditional background. As a result, organizations are forced to rework certain operations because of the reduced client satisfaction. These reworks force the organizations to spend more on the processes hence reducing the effectiveness of the processes. The introduction of the agile methodology has played a crucial role in the development of cost-effective and efficient processes of clinical trials. This paper proposes the effectiveness of agile methodology in the establishment of clinical trials.



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