Completion Date

Summer 8-1-2018

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Program or Discipline Name

Project Management

First Advisor

Dr.Stephen Onu


In technology companies, Project Managers (PM) are being required to develop a set of soft skills, in addition to their technical expertise, in order to positively influence project’s outcomes and succeed in their professional careers. New technologies known as “Cloud”, “Cloud computing”, and “Cloud technology” are being adopted by companies to organize their projects with top technology, and their people with the skills required to work with them. The present work examines academic research and available literature associated to the soft skills related to project management and project managers in the Cloud space in order to identify the top soft skills influencing project success in Cloud, and establish the baseline to create a training program that Cloud companies can use to reinforce and/or develop required soft skills. The present work does not undermine the importance of technical knowledge to perform projects with success, but presents a case on the most important soft skills required in the successful practice of project management in Cloud organizations, and provide insights for future work in the development of a soft skills training program that project managers could take and benefit to succeed in their PM roles in Cloud projects.



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