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Master of Science (MS)

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Project Management

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Dr. Thomas Sheives


The purpose of this research is to give an overview of a scrum in distributed teams and to suggest ways overcome communication challenges in such projects. In this research proposal, the latest available research on a scrum in distributed teams will be thoroughly analyzed and evaluated to know the possible solutions for communication problems in distributed teams. A review of the literature suggested scrum is widely accepted agile methodology in software projects and also it works best within collocated teams. However, the literature review also proposes that lack of proper communication is one of the main challenge faced by distributed scrum teams which needs more research. Effective communication among teams is fundamental to the agile approach in which proper and continuous feedback are absolutely necessary to improve team productivity and software quality. It is important to have right communication tool, trust among team members, organized daily scrum meetings, proper coordination, less time zone difference between locations and no language barrier to have effective communication within virtual scrum teams. Due to progression in technology scrum projects are going distributed as there are many benefits to the organizations. A brief literature review will be conducted to study the research problem which will provide valuable solutions to the communication issues in distributed teams. This research paper will be very useful to other researchers to solve the other challenges of a scrum in distributed projects.

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