Completion Date

Spring 4-8-2018

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Program or Discipline Name

Project Management

First Advisor

Stephen Onu


This paper discusses information from at least ten peer-reviewed project management related articles on project success and failure. The articles provide information on the challenges faced in global projects. This paper will address the link between infrastructure, culture and project outcome.

Regardless of the chosen methodology, there are many possible reasons for project failure, partial success and total success, the articles have discussed different factors which could be a reason or a partial reason for the outcome of a project.

Agile methodology is becoming increasingly popular and utilized on large and complex projects. Large projects that lack clarity in some respects can adopt this methodology as it accommodates the changing nature of the project objectives.

(Symonds, 2012) addressed the importance of effective financial management to keep costs within budget on a large or complex project. The articles also draw attention to the fact that different types of projects could have varying critical success factors, and these would need to be identified for each specific project. The author of each article has a different focus in his or her research on why projects may succeed or fail. (Walid, 1996) explains that there are critical success factors which must be identified and achieved by the project team to attain project success. (Glass, 1999) however, focused on the human contribution to project success or failure. His research addressed the impact that the project manager has on the performance of the project team.

This paper evaluates the assertions made by previous researchers on the subject to establish the relationship between infrastructure, culture and project outcome.



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