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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

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Project Management

First Advisor

Dr. Thomas Sheives PMP, CSM


The traditional, waterfall, project management processes were at a certain moment the latest versions creating a competitive advantage for the business using them. But, the development of technology within business, finds the waterfall methodology confining the implementation of innovation through its requirements. Conversely, the earlier used in agile methods satisfactorily proofed to re-energize project management in huge organizations that do not develop the application.

The researcher focused on finding the ways innovations are possible under agile project management through the following research question. First, how agile project management methodology enable to big organizations to succeed in their life settings by quickening modifications? Secondly, how does the big organization positioning benefit from unending modern opportunities brought by the changes in agile project management? Thirdly, does the big organization embrace a rigorous innovation procedure associated with the agile project management? Finally, how can the big businesses consider sufficiently agile to succeed and survive the modern life changes?

The conclusion that will be derived from this research will be used to make inferences that will enable seamless agile project management in big organization and companies. This will accelerate the productivity of these organizations. If the modern trends and analysis can be obtained, then the big organizations can benefit by learning of the opportunities that will be brought about by the agile project management.

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