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Project Management


Project management is one of the most important procedures that promote delivery of services. Examples of such projects include cloud computing projects. Despite the potential benefits associated with cloud computing projects, there are a number of security risks that when not properly managed, can always lead into the organization suffering major loses. In the adoption of cloud computing systems, project managers should have secure and well-configured platforms to reduce and control risks associated with cloud computing systems. There is a need for adopting the best risk management tools, techniques, and operations to achieve the desired results in the process of adopting cloud computing systems in project management. Risk management main elements include establishing the context, analysing the risks as well as evaluating and monitoring the risks and the communicating such risks to various stakeholders. There is need for integrated risks management to provide proper management, flexible planning as well as recovery plans in case of problems. The top management should always quantify the risks involved and evaluate its major effects on the firm business operations and activities. The present paper aims to achieve its primary objective and purpose by providing a comprehensive review of previous literature related to the use of effective risk management in cloud computing projects. The paper specifically looks at the use of effective risk management in cloud computing projects.

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