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Master of Science (MS)

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Project Management

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Dr. Tom Sheives


During the past few decades, fundamental changes have taken place in project development, planning, and execution. This has taken form with embracing new techniques such as various agile project management methodologies to develop products, instead of using the traditional waterfall project management methodology commonly used today. Using agile has been very successful as a large portion of the IT world has integrated it within their companies. Unfortunately, professional fields such as the building design and construction industry have remained mostly with the traditional methods impacting the projects in terms of cost, scheduling, and other project elements that can benefit from the advantages found in agile methodologies. This thesis paper will research and illustrate what is involved with the process of adopting and transforming companies from the traditional to the agile methodology, and will explain the benefits, the hardships, and other components relevant to illustrate what needs to take place in order to implement agile in the construction industry, as well as layout possible solutions that can ease the adoption process.

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