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Master of Science (MS)

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Project Management


Project Teamwork is a worthy objective aimed at accomplishing high level cooperation, productivity and success but often times this is not so. The level of performance applied towards a project work has a direct impact on the project success or failure.

Teams are the basic structure of how project activities and tasks are being organized and managed within companies and organizations. Therefore, the success or the failure of a project depends largely on the overall performance of the teams assigned to the project. This increased attention towards teams has forced many organizations to focus on improving the overall performance of the global nature of businesses and projects.

The question then is - How do we get a team to play well together at maximum effectiveness that would deliver success, given a wide range of factors which tends to affect individual team members; factors like –

  • Individual differences resulting from cultural values, beliefs, norms and work practices.
  • Organizational culture
  • Leadership style
  • Emotional Intelligence.

This study has two main objectives - to examine the vast literature on Team Performance with the view to uncover the factors that enable optimal team performance. And second. is to use a survey tool to determine which of these factors are more responsive in driving higher frequency of team performance that produces repetitive project success.

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