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Master of Science (MS)

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Project Management



Proper implementation of principles of project risk management is well known to minimize the impact of threats to any project. However, the determination of critical success factors which threat the success of pharmaceutical projects at baseline are usually uncertain.


Data was collected using self-administered structured questionnaire generated solely for the purpose of the current research. The questionnaire was administered via e-mail to professionals employed in the pharmaceutical industry located in Boston area using The introduction and purpose of the questionnaire was described in the message accompanying the questionnaire.


Out of the 14 critical success factors listed in the questionnaire , respondents ranked good communication on the top with weighted average (2.00) followed by Clear communication/ feedback (1.92) and Organizational adaptation/ culture/ structure (1.92).


Good leadership and clear communication and organization culture were determined to be the most important critical success factors for implementation of risk assessment management practices.

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