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Master of Science (MS)

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Project Management

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Dr. Tom Sheives PMP, CSM


Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP is one of the most popular and successful information technology solution used in many organizations to share information within different business units to enhance and maximize productivity. The system is expensive, time-consuming, and complicated to implement and manage. The difficulties of ERP implementation have resulted in high rates of unsuccessful ERP implementation according to the stories of many organizations that have implemented the solution. The failure of ERP implementation has then led to several studies to investigate the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) that could influence the ERP implementation during and after implementation phases. Some of the factors identified in most studies are; lack of organization’s top management support, clear project definition, ineffective user training, lack of qualified project team, lack of effective communication, incomprehensive business plan/ unclear vision, lack of detailed project planning, and lack of effective change management process. However, very few has considered the role of consultant in ERP success. Hence, this study would analyze the importance of consultant as CSF in ERP implementation.

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