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Project Management


Due to the cultural and linguistic differences, different time zones, and complexities of knowledge transfer involved in IT offshoring, offshore-outsourced projects are more prone to failure than in-house and domestically outsourced projects. These inherent risks exacerbate the communication, coordination and collaboration between vendors and clients and thus affect various stages of the offshore outsourced software development (OSD).

Communication is a major factor of success or failure for any software project. In offshore software development OSD, communication is more critical than collocated software development. Frequent communication is not always possible due to challenges like time zone differences, holiday customs etc. where client and vendor working hours do not overlap. This communication problem affects the success of offshoring decision in terms of cost, schedule, time-to-market, client-vendor trust, and customer and business satisfaction. For successful software project offshoring, successful communication is necessary.

This paper provides a preliminary exploration for communication mode/mediums and challenges involved in OSD and how to have effective sprint planning sessions with the offshore teams in India. A classification is presented for offshore software development activities and the communication modes/mediums used to perform those activities.

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