On this page, you will find articles, book chapters, papers, and other works written by Harrisburg University faculty.


Submissions from 2021

Anonymized location data reveals trends in legal Cannabis use in communities with increased mental health risks at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nathaniel J.S. Ashby

Submissions from 2020

The endowment effect and beliefs about the market., Elena Achtypi, Nathaniel J.S. Ashby, Gordon D.A. Brown, Lukasz Walasek, and Eldad Yechiam

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Unhealthy Eating in Populations with Obesity, Nathaniel J.S. Ashby

Time to pay attention to attention: using attention-based process traces to better understand consumer decision-making, Milica Mormann, Tom Griffiths, Chris Janiszewski, J. Edward Russo, Anocha Aribarg, Nathaniel J.S. Ashby, Rajesh Bagchi, Sudeep Bhatia, Aleksandra Kovacheva, Martin Meissner, and Kellen J. Mrkva

Choice rates are independent from perceived patterns (when patterns are not obvious): A reply to Plonsky and Teodorescu, Eldad Yechiam, Nathaniel J.S. Ashby, and Emmanouil Konstantinidis

Submissions from 2019

The effect of switching costs on choice-inertia and its consequences, Nathaniel J.S. Ashby and Kinneret Teodorescu

Submissions from 2018

Trading under the influence: The effects of psychological ownership on economic decision-making, Stephan Dickert, Nathaniel J.S. Ashby, and Andreas Dickert

Submissions from 2017

‘Tis better to choose and lose than to never choose at all, Nathaniel J.S. Ashby, Tim Rakow, and Eldad Yechiam