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An IoT Based Three-Dimensional Dynamic Drone Delivery (3D4) System

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The next decades will witness a huge growth of cities whether from a population or an infrastructure standpoint. Consequently, services like last-mile delivery will be harder to manage and operate due to the complex city ecosystem (people, infrastructure, and services). Due to the increase in population, more high-rise buildings will be seen in cities. In addition, the rapid growth in information and communication technology will require smart ways to meet the delivery needs of people. This paper proposes a “Three-Dimensional Dynamic Drone Delivery (3D4)” system that aims to enable vertical deliveries by adding an extra dimension (Z-axis) to the conventional two-dimensional delivery systems. The proposed system enables the user to receive shipment anywhere as requested. This system also addresses common delivery problems such as conventional fixed-point deliveries, package security, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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IEEE Cloud Summit 2020

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