Date of Award

Summer 6-16-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Information Systems Engineering and Management

First Advisor

Richard Wirth

Second Advisor

Richard Wirth


In recent years Revenue Operations or RevOps has emerged in professional circles as a new approach to manage Sales, Marketing and Customer Success teams in the context of b2b sales. In practitioner circles, RevOps definitions range from the increased collaboration of the three job functions to an all-out creation of job function within organizations. While the subject of interdepartmental alignment has been covered extensively in academia (albeit not exhaustively), RevOps as a term and set of practices has received no attention and industry practitioners struggle to find a unified set of best practices that isn’t coming from organizations trying to pitch a product or service. As a first step and to provide some background we decided to perform a Multivocal style Literary Review to take advantage of grey literature such as blogs and industry reports. Following, a more formalized literature review serves to give a background in issues around organizational integration and alignment along with an exploration of the concepts of Sales, Marketing and Customer Success within organizations and how these are changing. We then performed an exploratory based interview study involving multiple RevOps professionals using the grounded theory approach to help guide our line of questioning as we interviewed practitioners and learned new concepts. As a main objective, we aim to produce a standardized framework to help practitioners understand the key tenets of Revenue Operations, how it may be implemented, what challenges organizations can face and provide researchers with a basis to explore the concept in further detail.



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