Program Lead: Amjad Umar, Ph.D.

The 36-semester hour graduate program in Information Systems Engineering and Management (ISEM) is designed to educate the leaders who can plan, engineer and re-engineer, and manage the systems needed to support the modern digital enterprises. Graduate studies in ISEM cut across the following three active areas of work:

• Information Systems – latest technologies and approaches (e.g. web-based components, mobile computing and wireless communications, business intelligence, and emerging technologies);

• Systems Engineering –systems thinking and emphasis on systems instead of individual components; enterprise architectures consisting of people, processes and technologies; and

• Management – business strategies, entrepreneurship, planning integration, security, governance, global enterprises, and agile enterprises.

ISEM is a flexible and interdisciplinary program that emphasizes the enterprise architecture, planning and management issues at global levels. An ISEM student may specialize in the following areas: digital government, digital health, entrepreneurship, information security, software engineering and systems development as part of their individualized concentration.


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