Scientific Mind

General Education Coordinator: Ru Wideman, Ed.D.

The first course of this two-course Scientific Mind sequence presents a broad overview of modern science by integrating basic scientific principles and methodology to various disciplines of the natural and applied sciences. The overall emphasis of the scientific mind series is to begin the development of critical thinking, problem solving, experimental, mathematical, and information research skills that lie at the heart of scientific inquiry. The course emphasizes how the interplay between theory and experiment has led to our current understanding of physical science and chemistry and how this knowledge has found application towards the advancement of technology.

The second course of this two-course Scientific Mind sequence presents topics from the natural sciences with the underlying framework of basic scientific principles and methodologies. This course stresses the interconnectedness of the natural world, demonstrably built on the foundations and building blocks of the basic physical sciences. Classwork includes technology applications for observing and understanding the natural world. The student explores the areas of cosmology and astronomy, earth sciences, and finally the biological sciences including genetics, ecology, and modern concepts of evolution. A student completing this sequence should have an understanding of scientific thought, advancement and philosophy that prepares them for higher- level courses.


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