General Education


General Education Coordinator: Ru Wideman, Ed.D.

The purpose of general education is to offer the undergraduate student a dynamic platform for both foundational and skill-based learning to prepare them for a well-rounded life during which they will make informed decisions, contribute to society, and become lifelong learners. General education is a degree requirement for each undergraduate student.

Given the sheer vastness of knowledge and the rate at which new knowledge is developed, the student typically cannot command mastery or deep expertise in the broad areas known as the sciences, social sciences, humanities, or applied knowledge domains such as entrepreneurship or leadership. The purpose of general education is not to produce experts. Instead, the goal is to integrate contributions from multiple fields to give the student more comprehensive explanations and understandings of the world. In essence, general education – and all academic work at the University, begins within a framework of applied and selfdirected learning.


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