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The cellular environment associated with coronary artery disease (CAD) can lead to mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) damage. Mitochondrial variants in some copies of mtDNA (heteroplasmy) and mtDNA content are potential genetic biomarkers for CAD-associated disease states. Massively parallel sequencing and qRT-PCR techniques were used to measure heteroplasmic variants and mtDNA content in heart samples from donors with (n = 8) and without (n = 7) documented CAD. Both groups showed increased numbers of heteroplasmic mtDNA variants in the control region (CR) (p < .0010, ANOVA). The donors with CAD displayed a 41.07% increase in heteroplasmic mtDNA variant number in the CR (p = .043), an 87.50% increase in the number of heteroplasmic mtDNA deletions (p = .12), and a 48.76% increase in the number of heteroplasmic mtDNA single nucleotide variants (p = .029). These data suggest potential trends towards higher cardiac mtDNA heteroplasmy levels in heart samples from donors with CAD.

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Mitochondrial DNA Part A

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