Rui Zhang

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Spring 4-15-2020


In the last semester, I designed a system to detect and track vehicle system on the highway. The system is based on the public deep learning framework and utilize pre-trained model to implement the functions of this system. In this paper, I will use my own framework to implement this system. This try will help us better understand the details of deep learning framework. I will public the code of deep learning framework and make sure everyone can modify it.

This semester will focus on the researching of Naïve Convolutional Neural Networks. Neural networks are commonlyused for the analysis of visual images of high class of neural networks. Concerning the architecture from their general, and unchangeable, from the properties of the conductive hurdle weighted with stones, and they are, who is said to be artificial, according to the magnitude of the, or unchangeable. Those who are in the acknowledgment of the image and video recording systems review. The arrangement of images and medical image analysis, natural language processing and financial time series.

For my project in the last semester. I designed a tracking system used for tracking vehicles on the highway. The tracking system is based on the deep learning model. I used the open lib from coco-data base. In this semester, I will design the deep learning model by myself. In this paper, I will introduce my method to design the deep learning model. In this paper, I will introduce the blueprint, the details of method and my test cases.



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