Program Lead: Leena V. Pattarkine, Ph.D.

The 36-semester hour Master of Science degree in Biotechnology provides a comprehensive workoriented curriculum that explores the industrial, medical, and regulatory underpinnings of the biotechnology field. The program offers a sound foundation in these multiple areas of biotechnology, while integrating the applied and innovative aspects of the science. With a focus on industry-relevant projects, case studies, and real-world scenarios, the program graduates are prepared with the skills and technical expertise to confidently cater to the needs of an ever-growing biotechnology sector.

This master’s program prepares the student for biotechnology careers focusing on research and development, leadership, planning, management and marketing. The flexibility of the general degree allows student customization of the coursework to meet individual career goals. The program offers four different concentrations: biomanufacturing, medical biotechnology, biotechnology business and management, and an individualized program of study.


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