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Leukemia is cancer of the blood and bone marrow, it is the most common cancer found in children and is found to be more than one fourth of pediatric cancers. It causes white blood cells to become abnormal and the body to become weak. This deficiency in the immune system reduces the body's ability to fight infection or simple airborne illnesses, causing extensive treatment of common pathogens and cancer treatment. The present review covers all topics, from diagnosis to treatment of pediatric leukemia, as well as the stages of growth and physiological changes throughout the process. As leukemia has a high mortality rate the chances of survival are low. Discussion on survival rate will be breached and thoroughly deciphered. We also included the topic of treatment and at which point patients may be considered terminal or advanced. By approaching these points, we better understand leukemia (from a scientific standpoint) and its properties throughout the course of treatment.

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Journal of Cancer Clinical Trials

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